A downloadable game for Windows

Final Release (v0.81)

Tempest Tale is a young pegasus living just after the Great Chaos, when the world was rearranged. His village of pegasi, unicorns and earthbound has been cut off from the outside, and it's time for explorers to see what's out there!

Gameplay canters centers around facing a series of challenges with several skill checks to overcome (a dangerous hike, a path to find, a monster to fight) and then coming home to boast at the tavern for fame and learning.

Inspirations include the tabletop RPG "Fate" and the card games "Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls" and "Ninja Burger", along with a particular cartoon. (Art/music credits are in-game.)

Current Status

-Final release. I've built the main intended features of the game, making it playable with a significant amount of content, and it's time to move on from the project due to limitations of the design and story. Still, it's here for anyone interested.
-Two chapters of story, with items and recruitable characters.

Install instructions

Built using the Unity engine, for Windows and Linux. Requires no installation or other software. Simply download, unzip, and run the included EXE. Tested with Windows 8, using 1366x768 resolution. Other 16:9 resolutions should work too.


TempestTale_Final.zip 55 MB